Who We Are

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My name is Steven Sanchez. I am a 34-year old writer, singer, and computer technician. I began writing my first book, The Acid Oasis: The Journal of Adrian Blackraven, at the age of 17 and self-published in January of 2012. Born and raised in New York City, I now reside in Florida, where I am currently working on the ‘Satin’ novel series. I’ve also worked alongside my closest friend, Elvis, on Basenet Radio providing a voice for the show’s introduction.



My name is Elvis Dominguez. I am a technician by day, and secret agent by night. I work on many different projects wearing many different hats. On BasenetRadio I worked as both host and behind the scenes. I worked on editing and layout for ‘The Acid Oasis’ with Steven. I am taking on a more creative role with Satin, and have a few other things coming down the pipe. On top of that I also enjoy computer security, tinkering, gaming of all types, make ring mail, and travel. I live in New York City and currently working on ‘Satin’.