Black holes and skipping stones.


“Welcome to today!” I say to myself sheepishly. I assumed there was no welcoming committee as I see no cake laid out before me. As I have spent far too long playing out each scene of every day of my life at double the recommended speed (I’ll lend you the tape so you can see for yourself…. If I ever get around to completing the editing), I have spent an equally exhausting amount of time combing through the breadcrumbs I’ve left scattered. So here we are, well, here I am anyway, once again at the crossroads of what was and what new distraction will pull me back from the precipice of my own greatness. Here I am. I am here and, momentarily, I am lost. This place is new and unfamiliar to me. This is Now and, finally, I am here savoring each glorious second. C(~~)


Steven Sanchez


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