Take a part in what takes you apart
Take me for what I am
I am a number outside my head
The one I can count on
So, will you count me in or
Count me out instead and
Count on me to never shout out the wrong answer
Because I appeal to the masses
Kissing asses, faking smiles
And keeping their glasses filled to the brim
Of denial
At least for a little while
Longer are the lashes on my eyes
They disguise the lashes that came before
You walked in
On me struck down by my own oppression
I wear the mask of a frozen expression
Depression always seem to linger
When there’s a finger pointed at you like a gun
It’s just for fun, or so they say
You can count on me to be thrown away
My truth is stranger than your fiction
I’m starting to tear from the friction
Of these skinned knees and a shoe shine kit in hand
On the brink of war and the shore line is getting awfully close to the mainland
While they’re counting the stars that they’ve claimed to have lit
I am counting the scars I have worn like rosey reminders
That I survived
Achievement unlocked
I guess you can say I was born this way
A little unlucky, but my mind is unblocked.


1 thought on “Semblance

  1. Steven,
    Your writing is very interesting and noteworthy to me.
    I do not claim to understand everything you say,
    some of it, I do. It does interest me intellectually, as something to figure out. Does that make sense? As I said, it does capture my interest. Thank you! Take care!

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