Look at the way they thrive on divide like it’s a red vs. blue thing.
Turning it into a me vs. you thing.
There’s oil on their hands and blood in the water
or is it the other way around,
because there’s a pipeline where a lifeline should be
and they’ve made enemies where brotherhood could be.
Separate the fact from fiction.
Their methods seek to challenge our convictions.
See them scatter when they feel the friction.
Take up arms, but not to harm, just to show them our afflictions.
Let our words act as weapons, lift our voices to the sky.
Stand beside me, not against me.
If we fall, at least we tried.
I’ve had it with all of these invisible borders.
Let fear not divide us. There’s enough for us all.
We’re one indivisible species
and it’s about time that we rise up to tear down the wall.

~Steven Sanchez


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