All of these

15267888_10207671314768705_5797404296329856533_nAll of these scars
I was torn apart like the secret little notes
Stashed away under your mattress
Gone astray and painted
A lovely new shade of violence in my heart
All of these stars
Where do I start to count them all
And where do they fall
When they die
And have gone astray and painted
Grey like the ashes we used to catch on our tongues
When the world was on fire
And I got burned
Now I lust for mistrust
So, sell me some words
That I can swallow down like pills
Because it’s slightly better than breathing in the dust
And feeding on the rust
And I am burning still
Gone astray and painted
Over and over and over
In a feeble attempt to cover them up
All of the cracks in the wall
How did we get so small
Or is it that we’re both beaten down
And everything just feels real tall
Forget I said anything
Just sell me some words
And send me to bed
Because I’d rather feel nothing
Than astray and left for dead.

-Steven S

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