Taxing the body of the beast.

It has been quite a while, I know. The month of May has claimed a bit more than its fair share of what sliver of spare time I kept tucked away at the depth of my sock drawer; moving day is fast approaching and there is still plenty of packing, planning, and hauling to do. Only a day stands between now and my official relocation, leaving behind my house of the past six years. So much yet to do and my muscles ache from the process thus far. My absence from writing has left my head feeling like a pressure keg; characters and ideas trapped in suspended animation.

If I am not creating, the machine wins. So, in the spirit of sharing, I give you this unfinished song I wrote a few years back.


It takes a mountain to move a stone
To where no light has ever shone
Another drop to overflow
Where darkness has since overgrown
A little rain to get us wetter
A little pain to make us
See that no one can break us
A little rain to get us wetter
Better now than next to never

I hear them calling for an encore
Should I keep them wanting
Or give them all just one more
Of what I haven’t got
Of what I was before
Holding onto the debt
To place another bet
Wine spilling on the floor
And our clothes are getting wet
I hear them calling
Banging on the door
Should I keep them waiting
My eyes bloodshot and sore
Another glass I shouldn’t pour
A paper bridge I burned
Turning the pages of that book
I tore to pieces and shreds
Gave my life to see them fed
Even though they wished me
Deadening an angry limb
To turn this song into a letter
Written words down on a whim
A little rain to get us wetter
A little pain to make us
Better now than next to never.


Good night to you all,

Steven Sanchez


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